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Online Independent News and a few dedicated blogs that are worth following.

The Economic Collapse where Michael Snyder, the owner/ managing editor writes very relevant articles about our distressed economy, government destructive policies and middle class struggle.
Mother Jones, the magazine, an icon of worthy journalism, made famous in the 70’s for their environmental, pacifist and liberal views, is available online at is very comprehensive, easy to navigate, non-profit online news and opinions site with articles covering everything from politics to arts written by professional and often prominent well known journalists and writers.
The Real News Network is the site to watch TV Studio style with latest News, Interviews, In depth analysis of events, Continuous news feed, Documentaries and News stories from independent journalists.
The Science Daily at is an incredible source of information on the latest technology, policies, studies, opinions and news in the field of all sciences including global warming, clean energy, agriculture and food, ecology and sustainability, marine biology, animals, plants… etc..
The Huffington Post is a solid, independent online newspaper, somewhat mainstream with articles covering all the usual categories and blogs by honest citizens, well known journalists and worthy organizations.
Source Watch is a fantastic site where you can find Who is Who in politics, in the corporate world or at the head of federal and state agencies and detailed, factual articles about government agencies policies, economic policies, corporate structure and responsibility.

A corporate media monopoly that cannot be trusted

                                                                             “Be the change you want to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi Who Owns The Media?  By Michael Snyder  The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read (Check out the list of news worthy sites at … Continue reading


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