The profitable cruelty of animal research


“Be the change you want to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

Beware! This post exposes the truth and displays very graphic pictures.


 Experimentation is the most cruel, deceptive, profitable crime against animals.

Of all the crimes committed against animals, the most unethical, the most shameful is experimentation .It is kept secret from the public, it is condoned by government agencies, it is funded with tax dollars, and it is a very lucrative business for universities, and delivers huge profits to the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations. It is estimated well over 100 millions animals are dissected, infected, injected, gassed, mutilated, radiated, tortured, burned, blinded and poisoned in hidden laboratories on college campuses and research facilities throughout the US and “civilized” nations.

It is a lucrative business at all levels, all in the name of science.

Burned alive to study the effects of burns

Each year, in the US alone, according to USDA own estimates and SourceWatch (which are inaccurate because they only record the sources who report their activities)  dogs (between 70,000 and

100,000), cats (between 25,000 and 30,000), primates (50,000 to 100,000) rabbits (approximately 500,000) , farm animals (thousands of which there is no record at all), birds, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters, ferrets, and mice and rats (millions and millions) are at any given time being tortured and killed for profit. While virtual labs, simulators and many high tech alternatives to vivisection are now available, thousands of previously documented, identical studies could easily be shared,  while so much research is unethical, trivial and completely irrelevant to the human condition, government agencies and institutions  to continue enforce regulatory animal testing and do not welcome change. Change in policy means new accountability, training, initial investments (all definitely cheaper in the long run than the keep and use of animals), possibly reshuffling some positions, and the (unacceptable) risk of losing a few jobs.  Animal welfare is sadly not a motivation factor and the government has no financial incentive for it can always dig deeper into our pockets.  In a  current case involving 200 chimpanzees, previously retired, are to be submitted again to invasive experiments at a facility at Alamogordo, NM, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the federal government have ignored appeals from PCRM, physicians, primatologists, and from the governor of New Mexico himself, Bill Richardson, who all strongly oppose this plan .Because of their advanced age, health conditions, and and emotional distress many of the  200 chimpanzees may not even survive the move. Some of  them were used in testing at a private facility where 35 died in the experiments. For university departments, the grant is well established system to secure  both money and recognition no matter how absurd, redundant or cruel the scam, and well, for corporation profitability is all that matter. Hopefully if the drug or chemical  companies can be convinced of a financial advantage, they will consider switching to non animal models.

Is that the kind of protection you expect from your government? Can you trust a government that mandates and organizes such systematic cruelty on such a scale with your money? Does your welfare warrant the intense suffering and killing of millions of animals with no end to it?

Animals in laboratories are exempt from animal cruelty laws and can be subjected to all kind of horribly painful invasive experiments, such as having drain cleaner poured down their throat, pesticides pumped into their stomach or injected in their veins, being artificially induced with lethal diseases and cancers to then be poisoned with new drugs, cut open without anesthetics, kept in isolation from humans and their peers, in barren cages, for several years if they are so unlucky because a quick death would be a kinder fate. The USDA and FDA, with your tax dollars condone and demand these procedures, while they do not require accountability for the animals (which is why the numbers are uncertain).  

There is complete hypocrisy in the manner in which the law treats animal abusers. I certainly do not approve of dog fighting and I am glad Michel Vick was caught, tried and convicted. Yet dog fighting is a money making gambling enterprise for the mostly uneducated rural and inner city poor,while the extreme cruelty of animal laboratories, where animals have no representation and no rights at all , is mandated by the government, makes money for the chemical and drug corporate giants and generate publicly funded grants for Universities. Like the recent Johnson and Johnson TV ad, showing what a nice family business they are… while they are spending millions of dollars on lobbying against environmental and animal protection legislation.

 For every cup of bleach you pour in your wash, for every squirt of dish washing detergent you load in your dishwasher, for every spray of weed or insect killer you use to treat your home, thousands of dogs have died, often their vocal cords severed so their barking and moaning will not distract, because dogs, especially the gentle beagle, are the specie of choice for drug and industrial chemical toxicity testing. Dogs’ status as “man’s best friend” offers them no protection from being locked in lonely cages and forced to endure excruciating experiments.

Dogs are also used as “models” in human disease studies, including studies of heart and hormonal disorders. At Ohio State University, vivisector George Billman forced surgically manipulated dogs to run on a treadmill until they collapsed from a heart attack. The dogs were killed and the damage to their heart tissue studied. In a series of experiments fit for a horror movie, vivisectors at the University of Pittsburgh have killed countless dogs and then brought them back to life. Experimenters drained the blood from the animals for up to three hours and then pumped an ice-cold salt solution into the animals’ veins, putting them into a state of extreme hypothermia. The animals are clinically dead—not breathing and without heartbeat or brain activity—but their tissues and vital organs are preserved. The corpses are then brought back to life by returning the blood to their bodies, giving them oxygen and administering electric shocks to restart their hearts. Many of the hapless “zombie animals” who are subjected to these traumatizing procedures suffer serious physical or behavioral problems afterward.

Rabbits, who cannot shed tears and whose skins are especially sensitive are kept in restraints their entire short life while their eyes are burned with toiletry and cosmetic chemical components, and holes are carved into their sides to test caustic industrial chemicals. Cats are used primarily by mad scientists who get grants for behavioral studies, such as sewing the eyes of kittens shut and observing developmental problems! Primates are used mostly for neurological and behavioral studies as they are genetically so close to humans which is precisely why is it so unethical to use them . It is no different from using a mentally challenged or a mute child. In one experiment, the infant macaque was taking away from his mother at birth and deprived entirely of all contact, affection and socialization to observe devastating neurological and developmental results. Don’t we already know what such upbringing does to children? In a study backed by federal money on the correlation between restricted calories and longevity, the monkeys, also kept in total isolation and without any socializing, were given minimal food and water just enough enough to keep from starving and dying from dehydration. There is documentation already of the many tribes and population groups, mostly in Asia, who by necessity as well as customs live unusually long lives on restricted calories. These monkeys were tortured for profit. At the University of Texas in Dallas, thousands of white laboratory rats are about to have their skulls drilled into, to destroy part of their brain with chemicals, then injected with drugs to be studied, all that without any anesthetics. The thought of systematically, inflicting extreme pain to these innocent creatures, should give us all nightmares. In fact, it appears that drilling holes in the head of species such as monkeys and cats, destroying their brains with chemicals are a favorite of evil scientists. There are doing just that now at the University of British Columbia and the University of Wisconsin at Madison . Do you ever wonder how an animal laboratory assistant goes home to his family, talks to his children about kindness and compassion? Does he have a dog or a cat waiting for him or her at home? There are undercover videos on YouTube ( showing laboratory workers making fun of the animals in distress and are joking with one another while inflicting pain. In Canada as in the US, there are no laws protecting animal in laboratories, no matter how trivial, redundant or cruel, but in Canada it is not required to disclose even publicly funded animal experiments.

Physical pain is just the beginning of these mad experiments, isolation from peers, day in and day out, loud noise and light, repeated handling , the terror of the pain, the lack of reward and exercise, slow death by poison, anguish, boredom and the lack of any single comfort in cages, that is the reality of a lifetime of suffering. All that with the approval and at the request of our government, all branches, the USDA, the FDA, the EPA, NASA, the Military branches. The number as told is of the animals held in centers at any time , but when you include all the animals killed in the experiments and that are replaced ,the number may be twice as high.  Many are not accounted for at all ,because they are part of an experiment conducted in a private University or research center, or so-called “classified”. Every drug you doctor prescribes has killed thousands of animals, mice and rats, rabbits in the beginning of the trial, then dogs in the secondary trials. Every procedure your doctor prescribes has killed thousands of cats, dogs and primates while being researched. Every cleaner in your house has been forced into the body of several hundred dogs and killed them in excruciating pain. For a period of 20 years, at Huntington laboratories, Johnson and Johnson conducted  animal studies about the effects of sucralose, known as Splenda. 52 beagles were locked up for 32 weeks, fed sucralose intraveinously in amounts 1000 times greater than otherwise realistic. When the time was up, under anesthesia, their throat were cut, and bled to death to make it easier for their murderers to analyse their organs. For the same study, beagle  puppies were starved and force fed sucralose in such amount they died or became brain damaged. And again with hundreds and hundreds of monkeys. Tens of thousands died in the course of this study alone. Splenda, anyone?

The torture and the lives of thousands of dogs and primates and other animals is the true cost of our lifestyle. Our vanity like botox injections, and hair dyes, our modern necessities like spray paint and weed killer, our unhealthy sedentary lives and excessive diet, and subsequently the drugs to treat so many ailments and conditions we brought upon ourselves

Mouse in cancer research

and our magic household chemicals  from which no one is really never safe as we acknowledge today are detrimental to the environment .

State and federal laws in the U.S. give citizens a legal right to have access to some information about animal experimentation, but most universities fight tooth and nail—and are even willing to defy the law—in order to keep secret the details of how they torment animals. PETA has recently filed lawsuits against the University of Maryland in Baltimore (to gain access to records about invasive brain experiments on ferrets), the University of Wisconsin in Madison (to obtain records related to experiments in which monkeys and cats had holes drilled into their skulls), and a city in Utah (to get records related to homeless dogs and cats who were sold into lives of misery and pain at the University of Utah). There is already considerable data accumulated in various studies, often identical, across laboratories and Universities, but there is absolutely no attempt to share any of the information while it would saves the lives of thousands of animals because the business of animal experimentation itself is very profitable and there are plenty of Dr Mengele who enjoy inflicting pain . There are also countless veterinarian who although they swore an oath to protect and serve animals, work in these facilities. Well they service the Animal Farming Industry as well. Sadly we never hear of a veterinarian reporting the abuses. Integrity, compassion and ethics do not account for much when compared to money. If universities are going to abuse animals in experiments that are funded with taxpayer money, they should at least be accountable to the citizens who have no choice but to bankroll this cruelty.

The animals used in laboratories (Mammalian vertebrates) feel as intense physical pain and emotional distress as we do.

We know that the nervous systems of other animals were not artificially constructed–as a robot might be artificially constructed–to mimic the pain behavior of humans. The nervous systems of animals evolved as our own did, and in fact the evolutionary history of human beings and other animals, especially mammals, did not diverge until the central features of our nervous systems were already in existence. A capacity to feel pain obviously enhances a species’ prospects for survival, since it causes members of the species to avoid sources of injury. The nervous systems of mammals are virtually identical physiologically, have a common origin and a common evolutionary function, and result in similar forms of behavior, feeling and experience.The overwhelming majority of scientists who have addressed themselves to this question agree.

Lord Brain, one of the most eminent neurologists of our time, has said:

I personally can see no reason for conceding mind to my fellow men and denying it to animals. […] I at least cannot doubt that the interests and activities of animals are correlated with awareness and feeling in the same way as my own, and which may be, for aught I know, just as vivid.

The author of a book on pain writes:

Every particle of factual evidence supports the contention that the higher mammalian vertebrates experience pain sensations at least as acute as our own. To say that they feel less because they are lower animals is an absurdity; it can easily be shown that many of their senses are far more acute that ours–visual acuity in certain birds, hearing in most wild animals, and touch in others; these animals depend more than we do today on the sharpest possible awareness of a hostile environment. Apart from the complexity of the cerebral cortex (which in any case does not directly perceive pain) their nervous systems are almost identical to ours and their reactions to pain remarkably similar. The emotional element is all too evident, mainly in the form of fear and anger. Self mutilation, refusal of food, incessant pacing are commonly observed….


Sources of animals
There is an entire industry built around supplying animals for research. Class B dealers buy and sell animals solely for research purposes. These dealers obtain animals from auctions, through pound seizure (purchasing dogs and cats from pounds or shelters so that they can be used in research), from ‘free to good home’ ads, and through other means that are sometimes questionable. Animals obtained from such ‘random sources,’ who were once members of a family,suffer from severe abuse and neglect when placed in dealer facilities devoid of attention and enrichment.

Class A dealers purposely breed animals for use in experimentation. Animals bred in this type of environment are the epitome of animals ‘manufactured’ as research tools, given little acknowledgment as thinking, feeling beings and instead considered tools of study.There is also much documentation including undercover videos of the thousands of primates stolen from the wild in Africa and South American countries, even primates babies and young adults from endangered protected species. No one in the research seem to care where the animals come from as long as they can pursue their lucrative sadistic work. 

The procurement of animals for biomedical research and scientific study is not only the beginning of the suffering that will continue into the laboratory, but also a representation of the indifference towards animal life felt by those who are a part of the animal research industry.

To help these animals, to get involve or to learn more, contact the following dedicated organizations

Call  and email the FDA and the USDA and tell them you do not want your tax dollars spent on animal experimentation and research grants for any animal research facilities.

Physicians Committee For responsible Medecine

American Anti Vivisection Society

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Very committed to freeing animals from laboratories




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