The most brutal crime, civilization has ever witnessed:The Animal Holocaust


Industrial Animal Farming is the most brutal crime against humanity in our times.

We jeopardize humanity when we carelessly destroy our environment allowing industrial animal farming to pollute our waters and soil, when we use up our grain crops to feed food animals, plunder the last of the rain forest to make room for more food animals, round up wild horses, send them to auctions (most are bought for slaughter) to use the (public) land for food animals, when we allow Fish and Wildlife to poison thousands of wild birds and native species to keep them away from cattle feed.       

We jeopardize humanity when we treat animals which a total disregard for their needs, condone institutionalized cruelty and become in sensitive to torture, violence and bloodshed inflicted on other species, at the rate 50 billions worldwide each year.

We  also support not only the thugs who work these jobs and the corporations who make billions with drugs and GMOs but  also our greedy government and the corporate friendly USDA  and the FDA aka Monsanto’s agency who allow these crimes.

Why is it so easy to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed in animal farms? Have we lost all self respect, all desire to do right from wrong in the pursuit of consumerism and self satisfaction? The bodily mutilations and extreme abuse of gentle cows and their newborns, of intelligent pigs and friendly chickens would warrant felony charges if done to a cat or a dog. Yet it done everyday, day after day.                                             

Yet we keep perversely torturing them day in and day after.                         

When we buy meat, dairy and eggs, we are accomplices of this holocaust.                   

Our callous apathy is a cancer grown out of years of gluttony and mindless instant gratification.

When allowed they nurse their young sometimes for over a year and form strong bonds with their families and often other species. It is not unusual to see a cow befriend a goat, a pig befriend a dog, a cat  nurse a baby rabbit, because they value life and love. Every one of these animals can learn their name and come when called. Pigs can be trained to the extent of a very intelligent dog. Cows love the grass you hold out in your hands better than any grass in their field and thank you with a wet nudge and big tender eyes. Chickens love to perch on our shoulder and rub their head on your cheeks. All the animals species raised for food, love to be talked to and enjoy a caress from our hands.

When we eat animals and drink the milk intended for their babies, we eat their physical pain, their intense misery, their sickness, their final agony.Their pained wasted body and soul becomes part of our body, our psyche.                                                                      

We absorb their cannibalistic diet of ground up animal parts, antibiotic drugs and GMO grains now embedded in their dead flesh.                            

While they are different from us, it is proven that animals feel pain with the same intensity as we do. They express psychological distress and grief in ways similar to ours, with sorrow and cries.  

If you have any doubt, watch this video!


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  1. Jordan Thorn says:

    LOVED this blog! I cited you in my final English paper im writing for my class and used the comic. I go to Metro State and a Nutrition major. Your writings are very enjoyable to read even though the points made are very serious issues that need to be brought to many more peoples attentions!!


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