Pesticides residues on Fruit,Nuts,Grains and Vegetables


The list below is incomplete because it is difficult to find exact information on every fruit, nut, grain and vegetable. Some listed in the Grey zone were items for which I had inconsistant or inadequate information, so use caution.While the US does not necessarily fare better than other counties in terms of allowing dangerous chemicals in farming, the  FDA  routinely turns away shipments with “over the limit” pesticide residues , both from  Mexico and China. There is only enough manpower to scrutinize about 10% of all food imports, leaving 90% unchecked.

The FDA approves pesticides and herbicides  in the US on an individual basis, one at a time which does not take in consideration the risk of accumulation (the use of several pesticides on one plant: some show traces of up to 15 different chemicals) and synergetic conditions ( the way that one pesticide may conflict or enhance another) or long term soil contamination. There is a new breed of pesticides, such as one designed by Monsanto designed to kill aphids by destroying their neurological system and it is now widely used in fruit and nut production. The seed is soaked in the neuro toxic chemical prior to sowing, thus becoming one with the plant, thoughout its life and into the ripe fruit!!







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  1. Misti says:

    I understand the list is not complete, but I greatly appreciate this list non-the-less. It is the most complete list I have been able to find. Thanks for your efforts.

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