Mission Statement


The  goal of this website is to add insight and information to much debated ethical issues and above all, to connect you with some the best resources available such as the articles of accomplished writers who provide honest research and advocate a kinder, ethical way of living, the websites to help you chose cruelty free, environmentally friendly products and services, the organizations of selfless men and women who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of an ethical society where all human, animals and the fundamental elements of our existence are protected from corruption and abuse.

We believe that all animals as all men are entitled to a life free of pain, cruelty and exploitation, to enjoy health and life on a sustainable earth, that the value and quality of all life and the preservation of our earth resources and beauty are the true ethical path.

We believe that we must become the watchful and active stewards of this planet, its resources and all of its inhabitants to defeat the pattern of careless consumerism, outrageous greed, global violence and corporate plundering which have increased dramatically in speed and force since the age of global economy and modern science.

We are not affiliated and do not endorse or represent any political party nor organization, neither church, religious denomination nor spiritual movement.



We are concerned with the lack of ethics and rampant greed amongst our elected representatives who  indebted to the wealthy and the corporations for their uncapped campaign contributions gladly repay them by enacting laws, pushing tax cuts and shelters and  awarding lucrative contracts, without the least concern for their constituents, the environment or the economic implications.

We are concerned with the intense suffering of animals in factory farms and mass breeding operations, here and abroad raised in squalid conditions for food, for their skin in clothing and furnishings and rendered fat used in household products and cosmetics, and of dogs, primates, rabbits and others animals bred for a life (gratefully often short) of misery and pain in laboratories, submitted to useless, cruel and archaic experiments to benefit chemical, pharmaceutical corporations and grant (our tax dollars) seeking mad scientists and of all defenseless animals who are tormented.

We are concerned with the shortage and pollution of ground waters, soil and air, as well as their disproportionate share of grain and available water, caused by factory and corporate farming.

We are concerned by the wide spread of genetically modified organism GMO grains and plants which have been clearly reported to affect the health of the people in  developing countries and which labeling isn’t required by the USDA. We are concerned by the ethical implications of animal cloning which by removing the image of a natural born creature may lead to even less animal welfare protection and worse confining conditions.

We are concerned by the use of pesticides outdated and illegal in the US, but are used (even sold by us) in countries who grow fruit and vegetables that we in turn import from them. We are concerned by the lack of funding for organic farming.

We are concerned by the enormous amount of garbage piling up in landfills, larger and larger, that even the latest efforts in recycling cannot stop, much less reverse. We are concerned that we are so enamored of “fresh” marketing and ready convenience that we cannot break the addiction of pernicious packaging and the enticement of new “stuff”.


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